Get Involved!

To use an old cliché: MATHSOC is a society by students, for students.

Despite that phrase being used over and over and over, it is true. Every single person you see helping out volunteers their time and energy for the benefit of the society, and these dedicated volunteers help make MATHSOC great! That said, if you’d like to assist us – we’re always elated to add more enthusiastic and energetic people to the MATHSOC team. If you haven't signed up to our society yet, you can do so here.

The main way you can get involved in MATHSOC is to join one of our committees. Each committee is headed by one of the executives, for example, the Social and Events Committee is led by the Social and Events Director. The current committees we have, along with their roles, are:

  • Design and Publications: For those who find themselves with a knack in non-maths related areas. The Design and Publications Committee is in charge of all things artistic, and this includes our newsletter, our website and our lovely MATHSOC T-shirts and other merchandise that is to come in future! The Design and Publications Committee is headed by the Secretary and Publications Director, Johann Blanco.
  • Events: No MATHSOC event could ever be held without volunteers and behind-the-scenes staff that make our events awesome. The Social and Events Committee is tasked with planning, organising, promoting and managing events. The Social and Events Committee is headed by our Events Directors, Alicia Wong and Calvin Cheng.
  • LaTeX: You may have seen solutions to class tests written in this lovely font that looks eerily similar to your maths texts. Well, that “font” comes from LaTeX - a mathematical typesetting system that basically makes maths pretty. The LaTeX committee is tasked with typing up solutions in this format. The LaTeX Committee is headed by former Public Relations Director, Georgia Tsambos.
  • Sponsorship: Helping members become aware of their opportunities and linking them to their potential employers. Entry into the Sponsorship Committee is by invitation only. The Sponsorship Committee is headed by our Sponsorship Director, Daniel Le.

To get involved here, you should contact the person in question – or respond to one of the casting calls that will be put up from time to time on the MATHSOC Facebook page or here. Entry to these committees are at the discretion of the executive member who heads it.

If you’re looking higher, you may want to become a MATHSOC Executive. Elections for these run every year at their Annual General Meeting (AGM) – and the positions available are: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Arc Delegate, Secretary and Publications Director, Sponsorship Director, Events Director(s) and IT Director. MATHSOC Execs are in charge of the society, and its overall direction and goal.

Lastly, if you’re looking to casually help out – as said before, we’re always glad to have enthusiastic volunteers on board.  During events, feel free to approach execs or volunteers and enquire if any help is needed. And also keep your eyes peeled on the website or Facebook page to see if we’re in need of volunteers for other projects.

Essentially, MATHSOC is made by volunteers – they’re the lifeblood of the society. Without them, there is no MATHSOC. So it stands to reason that we’re always looking for helpers – so what are you waiting for? Get involved!